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Hello and welcome to Learn and Grow!

I created this blog with the sole purpose to gather information about some Buddhist (and sometimes Hindu) deities in relation to two main traits: their wrathful qualities and their ability to generate wealth in the lives of the practitioners who worship them.

In particular, this blog will focus mainly (but not solely) on the following two deities:

- Acala Vidyaraja (also known as Fudo Myoo)
- Jambhala or Dzamhala (also known as Kubera)

I have noticed that information on the Internet on wrathful and wealth-giving deities such as Acala and Jambhala is pretty scarce, so I strongly feel that this mammoth task of gathering information about them will be worth the time and effort.

My main goal is to use this blog as an online library of both photographic and written material on the aforementioned subjects; however, from time to time I also intend to share some experiences and insights from my personal practice.



My name is Fotis and I live in Athens, Greece. I have been researching and practicing Buddhist and Hindu practices for about a decade. I make my living owning and running a vegan healthfood shop. I live a vegan and drug-free (straight edge) lifestyle. I also play guitar in hardcore and punk bands, hopefully I will put some links up here soon!

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